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This piece of code is an example PHP script that will output a number of automated HTTP requests to known Pirate Bay Proxies and Torrent Sites to verify whether they are working, offline or blocked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

1st October 2015 - Updates

1. I have updated a number of proxies and torrent site names removing those I know are blocked or don't work anymore and replacing them with some I know are available from my area. However this does not mean they will be available over your own ISP or from your own country.

2. I have added a larger number of proxies than there were before hopefully saving you time finding your own.

3. I have added in checks for CloudFlare 520-524 error status codes

4. I have improved the tests within the "Offline" and "IsTorrentSite" functions so that the regular expressions don't provide false positives.

5. I have added some links to this page where you can find Pirate Bay and Torrent Proxy lists in case the existing ones get blocked by your ISP.

Running The Torrent Checker Script

To get the script to run and give you a correct picture of available sites there are a number of steps you must go through. You should do all of the following steps in order.

  1. Download the Pirate Bay / Torrent Checker PHP script from this URL.
  2. The code is in a text file so that you can view the PHP online.
  3. Therefore to execute it you will need to change the file extension from .txt to .php before running it.
  4. Ensure you run it on your own computer or server so that you get valid results.
  5. If you cannot run PHP from your home computer then you may need to download a tool to allow you to do so. For example if you are on Windows WAMP Server will let you run Apache, MySQL and PHP locally from a Windows machine. Here are some helpful links that will help you get WAMP Server running on Windows.
  6. Please read the comments at the top of the script carefully. I take no responsibility for you using the script to download illegal or copyrighted content or for scraping sites.
  7. If you know your Internet Service Provider (ISP), I would suggest changing the line at the start of the GetISP function so that you return a string instead of scraping the site e.g uncomment
    // return "Virgin Media";
    and replace "Virgin Media" with your own ISP e.g
    return "Sky Media";
  8. Run the PHP script and see which torrent sites you can access.
  9. If you cannot access any, change the list of sites in the array at the top to check other sites. This list will give you Torrent sites to check.
  10. The piece of code to change starts with:
    $proxies = array("https://thepiratebay.se/","https://pirate.guru/");

An example output of a scan on your local computer

There is no point me showing you a real example output of the script on this page as it would be on my own webserver and my servers ISP would return totally different results than if I ran it from my home computer.

However I have provided the output of a scan on a computer I tested the script on below.

This shows you what to expect when running the script when your ISP is Virgin Media.

  • Checking https://thepiratebay.se/ returned a CloudFlare status code: 522 which means the site could be temporarily offline.
  • https://pirate.guru/ looks like an active torrent site.
  • It seems your ISP: Virgin Media is blocking the website at http://thepiratebay.org and redirected you to http://assets.virginmedia.com/site-blocked.html.
  • https://thehiddenbay.net redirected to https://thehiddenbay.net/ and it looks like an active torrent site.
  • Checking http://oldpiratebay.org/ returned a CloudFlare status code: 522 which means the site could be temporarily offline.
  • Checking https://tpb.ipredator.se/ returned this error: Could not resolve host: tpb.ipredator.se.
  • https://pirateproxy.sx/ redirected to https://pirateproxy.la/ and it looks like an active torrent site.
  • Checking https://labaia.info/ returned a server error status code: 503.

Find Pirate Bay And Torrent Proxies

If you need to find a list of currently working Pirate Bay proxies to manually check or add to the script then these links will help you as they provide sites listing currently working proxies.

Running PHP on a Windows PC with WAMP Server

If you are on a Windows PC you can download WAMP Server which will install Apache, MySQL and PHP for Windows and allow you to run PHP from your localhost e.g http:

You can find lots of info on my blog about installing WAMP and changing the settings if you have problems.

Troubleshooting WAMP Server installation on Windows.

Running WAMP on Windows 8 alongside IIS.

Also remember the proxies being blocked and available to use are changing all the time so it is always good to keep the list at the top of the script updated. If you want to check a new website just add it to the array at the top of the script e.g if you wanted to add https://torrentz.eu/ then you would add it to the list e.g

// add the proxies or URLs to check here
$proxies = array("https://torrentz.eu/", "https://proxybay.la/","https://pirate.guru/","https://thepiratebay.uk.net/");

Also you can try downloading the Pirate Bay browser or the Tor Browser to try and access sites your ISP maybe blocking.

I find that a lot of the sites on the Pirate Bay browser don't work anymore or still get blocked by my ISP however when trying them on the Tor Browser I find that I can access them.

Remember if you are downloading Torrents to always protect yourself from snoopers by doing the following.

I use uTorrent for my P2P and I find you can easily change your Ports, Encryption, Download/Upload speed and it's very easy to download files from most Torrent sites by just clicking the Magnet button.

  1. Run PeerBlock which will prevent BotNet and Snoopers from finding out you are downloading Torrent files.
  2. Add the ports 8000, 8888 and 8080 into the Peerblock settings so that they are checked as well as the standard HTTP ports 80 and 443.
  3. In your Torrent tool e.g uTorrent, set your tool to use a fixed port like 8000 or 8888 NOT a random port. This will then look like HTTP traffic as you download it.
  4. Ensure you enable encryption in your torrent tool so that you only download encrypted torrents.
  5. Set your upload speed to be much lower than your download speed. The ISPs and Film companies are looking for people giving away their films/programs and they are NOT really interested in downloaders as much. If they stop the uploaders there will be nothing for the downloaders to download so they are their main targets. However you still should protect yourself as much as possible to prevent those ISP letters coming through your door.
  6. So set a limit on how much you download so it doesn't look out of place compared to your normal web activity.

So download the script and change the list of sites to those you want to check before running it on your OWN computer to see which sites can be accessed or not.

It is much quicker than manually trying them all in your browser one by one.

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